About Terri

Terri Bradford

Hi there! I’m Terri Bradford.

I’m a communications strategist, marketer, visual designer, and brand storyteller.

With over 19 years of progressive experience, I’ve empowered nonprofits and businesses to manifest and effectively reach their target audiences with authentic connections through engaging branding identity design and strategic communication strategies.

I am passionate about creating and implementing beautifully designed visual communication and stunningly impactful brand identities that build positive relationships with consumers, brands, nonprofits, and businesses.

I thrive on solving problems with innovative solutions. My focus is executing clean design with clarity. I take to heart that every detail matters while thriving on execution of a bigger picture vision focused around authenticity.

media + work Experience

I’ve dedicated many years in the nonprofit public sector, mainly in the educational space, where I’ve transformed an entire district with successfully rebranding of their visual identity, along with designing a whole host of new digital media and communication solutions. From conceptualization through completion, I’ve had major roles on creating and implementing public communications projects that have resulted in effectively re-energizing public trust and student success through branded authentic digital media solutions.

I’ve also worked in the private sector within major e-commerce retailers as well as small businesses working both as a freelancer and in-house designer, and digital media marketing strategist. I have extensive experience with branding and identity solutions including: logo design, graphic design, ideation and executing graphic design for print and web-related marketing materials, weekly email blasts and newsletters, product styling, promotional photography and editing, managing very large social media accounts, filming classes, producing live videos, and was responsible for attending and promoting industry trade shows, and designed and developed new exclusive products.

I’m a lifelong learner and enjoy keeping on top of the latest technology, social media, and design trends. I’m a self-starter, a promoter of efficient processes, and am truly passionate about creativity and its impact on the world.