About Terri

Hi there! I’m Terri Bradford.

I’m a communications strategist, marketer, visual designer, and brand storyteller.

My mission is to empower nonprofits and businesses to reach their ideal target audiences via authentic connections through thoughtful and engaging brand identity design, strategic marketing, storytelling, media, and effective communication strategies.

My passion is creating brand clarity, loyalty, and connection leading to long-term growth strategies that focus on scalable results. 

Media + Work Experience

I’ve dedicated recent years in the educational spaces in the public sector where I’ve lead the award-winning transformation of an entire district through branded digital media, marketing, and communication solutions. My work has directly impacted the re-energizing of public trust, enrollment, funding, and student success initiatives through the implementation of branding and digital media communication solutions.

I’ve also previously worked in the private sector within major e-commerce retailers in the maker and creative industries, as well as educators and small businesses, working both with external and internal marketing teams as a leading marketing strategist creating solutions for unique niches.

I’m a lifelong learner and enjoy keeping on top of the latest technology, social media, and design trends. I’m a self-starter, a promoter of efficient processes, and am truly passionate about creativity and its impact on the world.

Most days you’ll find me behind a camera capturing life, enjoying family and good food, editing photography, documenting life, sharing and connecting with other creatives, enjoying music, and exploring the great outdoors. Life is worth being lived and documented!